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Ways to find out if someone is married

In an ideal world, when it comes to emotional relationships, you would expect two people involved to be completely honest with each other. Especially regarding significant aspects of their lives and personalities, including their past lives prior a given relationship. In reality, people are being dishonest about huge things, including their actual marital status, due to myriad of various reasons. Finding out if someone you are entering the relationship with is married is essential and it would be best if you could simply ask and trust the given answer. Since lies are way too frequent and the topic way too important, you need other strategies on how to find out if someone’s married. Aside from protecting yourself from painful disappointments and emotional stress, acquiring this information might save you from financial frauds and various legislative complications. Here are some of the most effective methods for finding out if someone is currently married.

Marriage certificate as the surest proof

Finding a valid marriage certificate is the surest way to proof if someone is married. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest proof to find. Namely, to locate the valid marriage certificate, you need to possess a wide range of information, but to get permission to access it you will need a valid reason for that. Find out the full premarital name of a given person, exact area where the marriage was registered and at least approximate period when marriage was formed. This information will help you locate the marriage certificate. Once you locate it, you’ll need to submit a valid reason to get access certificate, since it is usually restricted to people not-related to marriage parts. If there is a legal issue you are dealing with that requires this certificate, such as child custody process, execution of a will or anything similar, relevant office should grant you permission to access, after paying the required fee.


Marriage leaves traces

The wedding is a big deal that usually involves at least several people and it leaves traces even outside the legislative system. Nowadays, you can take advantage of social media and the person’s public profile that are often a fruitful source of various data. Therefore, look for any secret profiles other than official one, use Google’s function for searching identical photos at various website, spot the commonly repeated names or simply ask for information among associates and friends of a person. You can also check for registrations at various wedding gifts webpages. Finally, you can always hire a private investigator to conduct all of these activities on behalf of you or to extend the investigation into various spheres of private life.


Turn to UStrace and SSN search

This platform has been proved as extremely effective and convenient methods of investigation of most diverse things and people’s activities. They use social security numbers to trace activities of millions of people, including the base of marriage certificates and other public records that could be the source of marital status data. With quite symbolic fees and relatively short time span, this platform will provide you with reliable information about the person you are investigating.

Explore the potential of medical dictation services

Most medical centers, hospitals, even specialists managing their private clinic have realized so far, the great potential and advantages of medical transcription services. Thus this additional function is steadily making its way into modern health care systems worldwide. However, settling the whole medical transcription service right in the hospital imposes the need of managing all aspect of that service, including people working in shifts, full equipment and technology, maintenance of the previous and much more.

All of this is overwhelming and messy to the hospital to manage at the same time with their clinical practice. Thus, most hospitals turn to medical transcription outsourcing the most practical approach. Outsourced transcription services come with many benefits and advantages and here’s a rundown of just some of them.

Lucrative strategy

Medical TranscriptionistNot only medical transcription outsourcing shows as cost-effective strategy, but if you outsource it to offshore destinations, you will see truly lucrative opportunity in this strategy. Services providing medical transcription that are located in some countries go with lower rate per line, lower total labor, administrative and maintenance costs and the quality of provided transcription still meets the quality standards.

Lower investment into infrastructure of the transcription system

Equipment required for fully operating medical transcription services requires dictation devices, software for transmission, downloading, typing and submitting dictations and final documents. All of these elements are quite expensive if the hospitals themselves decide to invest. Thus, opting for medical transcription outsourcing will decrease these investments, because most autonomous transcription services working in this field are already fully equipped. Occasional empowering of the technology is welcome, but not necessary to start the job.

Free from many responsibilities

Since medical transcription is required in all departments in a hospital, covering all shifts, applying this system into the infrastructure of hospital imposes the need for a large group of hired transcriptions, investing into their training, organizing their payroll, maintaining the workflow and many more aspects. All of this usually turns out to be the duty of human resources department in the hospital, which gets quite overwhelmed with this significant task. Outsourcing medical transcription reduces all of these responsibilities and transfers them to the company providing these services.

Taking advantage of specific aspects

One of the greatest advantages when outsourcing medical transcription services to offshore locations is time zone differentials. Namely, if you pick and hire the company providing these services that are located in some country that falls into significantly different time zone than the country of the hospital, you’ll be able to have your dictations downloaded, transcribed, edited, formatted and sent back during the night time in “hospital’s” country, meaning these documents will wait ready at the mere beginning of the morning shift in hospital. Another advantage is that taking care of seasonal changes of hired stuff isn’t going to be your duty. All of those inside responsibilities inevitably attached to running any company will be taken off your back if you opt for medical transcription outsourcing, but you get to keep the quality service.

The Most Dedicated Assisted Living Facility

Picking out a facility to place your loved ones when you are not able to take care of them anymore is not that easy because you want to give them the best possible service. Finding a facility that has various services to offer and with high quality is where the problems start for most people. If you find a facility that offers various services, the overall quality is most likely not that great and you don’t want to place your elders in a place that you yourself wouldn’t want to live in. Well, if you are struggling with finding a perfect place for your loved ones, then you are in the right place because we can easily help you out with that issue.

assisted livingWe have been gathering information about different care centers and we have come up with a solution that will fulfill all of your needs and expectations. All that you need to do is carefully read this article and follow our instructions. In no time, you will find yourself contacting them for more information. Here are some of the things that we were looking for in professional care centers.

Personalized Assistance

Taking care of elderly people is not fun or easy at all, and you already know that because you are searching for a care center where other people can do the hard job for you. First of all, we would like to say that there is nothing bad about placing your loved ones into one of these facilities because you just want the best for them and if you are not able to give them enough time and attention, then this is a much better solution. One of the things that we were looking for to find in a care center is personalized assistance for your loved ones.

This is very important because some people might have unique needs and the caregivers need to fill out all of their daily needs. That is only possible if they research each patient separately and they provide personalized care. This is a service that is really hard to find, but we were able to narrow it down to just a few good places. One of the best assisted living facilities in scottsdale arizona that we found was the adagio house for elderly people.

Variety of Services

The thing that helped us pick a winner is the variety of services. We think that the most important thing after the quality of services was to have a huge variety of them. there are a lot of senior centers that offer one or two regular services and that is simply not enough for some people. If you want the best for your loved ones, then you need to visit this place or contact them for more information and see for yourself all the variety of services that they have to offer. Having more types of services available gives the patient’s the option to choose and personalize their day even more.

The best way to take care of a migraine and chronic headache

A chronic headache and migraine are two worst forms of a headache that can drive an individual crazy. A migraine (as well as other forms of a headache) can be excruciating and nearly unbearable. A migraine will cause vomiting, nausea and light sensitivity along with a never-ending headache. It’s not easy to live with this medical condition, and the treatment options are quite limited and only partially effective.

The constant headache issue has plagued our society from our early days, and people have tried to find solutions that would relieve the pain and discomfort pain causes. Many types of a pain the in the area of the head are history now as various medications prevented them from causing pain. Those medications are still here, in different forms, and they still relieve pain resulting from different types of a headache. Sadly, no conventional medicine can deal with a chronic headache or a migraine.

A migraine – The ultimate form of a headache

A migraine presents a significant problem because it can appear out of nowhere and it can last for a long time. Prevention is nearly impossible, so you have to take medication to reduce the pain when it hurts. A migraine won’t just cause a headache, but nausea and several other uncomfortable conditions as well. Many medications can relieve the pain the in the head, but it makes other medical conditions even worse.

A regular treatment of a migraine involves the use of around five different drugs that address various elements of a migraine. Some medications reduce pain, others deal with nausea and then some address the sensitivity to smell, light and sound as it can cause discomfort that is nearly as bad as a headache. This conventional treatment also involves avoiding the triggers that will cause an attack of a migraine.

This is a one way to deal with a migraine as well as a chronic headache. It will work for some people while others will find the effects of the treatment unsatisfactory.

Mirx Protocol – A new way to deal with a migraine

If you are searching for a new way to deal with a headache, then you should consider mirx protocol. This treatment bundle addresses the source of a headache, or to be more precise, the location where it starts and from which the pain spreads. SPG aka Sphenopalatine Ganglion is a cluster of nerves that control the pain in the area of the head, and it’s quite hard to access through the nasal cavity. If the access to this part of the body were easier, some successful products would already exist.

Mirx is a form of a nasal spray that can reach SPG and apply the medication directly to it. Standard sprays can’t do this because they lack the nasal applicator that this treatment uses. The applicator used in mix treatment is soft and long, and it can reach where natural nasal sprays can’t. This treatment will provide near instant relief of the pain and other symptoms of a migraine. This general effect comes from the fact that a headache that migraine causes nausea and vomiting. Try this new treatment and deal with the troublesome issue that plagues your life.

Custom jewelry – how it works

Work that goes into the creation of a single piece of custom jewelry is immense, and client input is essential throughout the process. We, as jewelers, can’t just create an ornament and expect you to purchase it. Well, we can, but custom pieces can be expensive, and almost every client wants to be a part of the process. If you contact us, then you will be an essential part of the process, and that will ensure that your custom ornament is the same as you imagined it.

Now, here is a whole process of design and creation of custom jewelry, from your idea to the finished product.

custom made rings

The process starts with you

The idea in your head is the starting point of the whole process. You shouldn’t think about 3D design at the outset. The first thing you should do is to think about the type of the ornament as well as the general shape. Take a pen and a piece of paper and start drawing rough sketches of the item. Those sketches don’t have to be precise as they are only there for you to see how an article might turn out.

The next step is to consider fine details of the item. This includes everything from choosing materials and gemstones to the style of the jewelry. This also includes checking whether there are elements of the piece that would make it uncomfortable to wear.

The final step of this part of the process is to approach us with the rough sketch. We will review it and make a list of possible mistakes and how to correct them. This is a part where we will discuss details of the item and whether it is possible to make it. We will start with our work once we agree that the item looks as it should.

3D design and printing of the ornament

This is a moment where our 3D designers start with their portion of work. They will take the final sketch with measures and the list of materials and create a 3D model of the piece we agreed on. We will contact you to check whether there is any need to change aspects of the 3D piece. This is a significant step as the ornament will look the same as a 3D model our designers make.

We will print a 3D model of the design in resin to check whether there are any inconsistencies with your request. We can set up a video call for you to review it or send you it via email. You will have to send it back once you check it.

You will get the estimate of the total price before the work starts. The work on the custom made jewelry you helped design will then start.


The creation of custom jewelry isn’t simple

The whole process of manufacturing of the custom jewelry isn’t simple as you can see from this article. It will take a long time and a lot of resources to create one. But at the end, you will get an item you designed, and that is the point of custom ornaments.



Beer Sales Aren’t Taking A Hit After Marijuana Legalization In The US

Before the whole legalization process, big beer companies were concerned that legalizing marijuana directly jeopardizes the beer sales. There was a common misconception about beer and marijuana not being able to coexist on the market. However, it was a wrong prediction.

The beer industry was concerned that they would be sent into a rapid decline by people who chose weed over a beer. In one of their reports, they’ve stated –

“At first sight, one would regard marijuana and alcohol in general as clear rivals and that every extra dollar spent on weed meant a dollar less on booze.”

However, instead of a downfall, they saw an uptick in beer consumption in states where the medical and recreational use of marijuana is allowed.  The beer consumption dropped 0.6% in the three years before legalization. However, it rose 0.1% three years after.

After this research was conducted the same beer industry stated –

“Beer and weed are complements rather than substitutes.”

There are a few ideas about why did the consumption of beer rise instead of dropping drastically. One of the theories is that the users of marijuana simply have more money in their pockets to spend on beer because of the fall in price per gram, since the legalization. This drop is mainly because the black market got weakened and marijuana got taxed.


There is a great example of how marijuana and beer overlap in modern culture. The police raided an event ten years ago which was organized by the Lagunitas beer brand. At which marijuana consumption was trivial and practiced. The company later produced a new brand of beer to pay tribute to the event. While their annual production numbers still make a reference to the number 420.

A world-renowned analyst said

“One does not need to look far into popular culture to see that beer and weed cultures can be highly complementary,”

Other industries are expected to enter the market such as Domino Pizza, Chipotle, Frito Lay, and more. They are likely to benefit from making food containing a percentage of THC.

Bangladesh Is Allowing Child Marriages Despite The Efforts To Prevent Them

Many people are viewing this particular move as a great leap backward in Bangladesh’s campaign for reducing child marriage. It the parliament approves the law changes; girls below 18 would be eligible for marriage in “special cases.” However, the biggest problem is that no one defined these “special cases” in the law proposal. Experts are concerned that this would increase the risk of early pregnancy, domestic violence, and even rape.

child marriage

Despite the law that was voted decades ago which bans marriage for girls under 18 and men under 21, the nation has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. The parliament is expected to revise the offered change during the next session which will begin on 22nd January. Although Bangladesh managed to reduce child marriages significantly in the past few years, this sudden change could severely jeopardize the statistics and become a giant step backward.

The spokesperson for the organization named Girls Not Brides, which is a coalition of over 650 charities said –

“We have worked with thousands of girls who have been pulled out of education, married off early, bear the scars of early pregnancy, and forced to marry their abusers. This is simply unacceptable.”

We can see that despite the great efforts of the officials to put an end to it, the conservative tradition doesn’t simply die off overnight.

child marriage smallHowever, as far as the “special cases” go, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that exceptions could be made in cases of accidental pregnancy, or protecting the “honor” of the girl and her family’s reputation.

For instance, in 2011, 32% of girls under 18 were engaged to be married. If we compare the data with the information from a decade before when 37% of girls engaged in premature marriage, we can see a drop of 5%, which is huge.

The most devastating fact in this whole mayhem is that the child brides often get denied their basic human rights such as proper education and free will. These violations directly affect their financial state, and most of them are forced to live and depend on their husband’s income.