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How to avoid high-risk merchant accounts?

When it comes to online business, especially when it comes to online transactions you need to be very careful. Choose wisely your merchant account and avoid the high-risk ones. The question how to know which one is secure and trustworthy? The best way to check is online research. After thorough research and analysis, you will see that EMS merchant service is at the top of the list. The best way to protect yourself from high-risk merchant account is to choose the dependable one, and EMS is exactly what we are talking about.

What makes EMS non-high risk merchant service?

accountFirst of all, EMS is merchant service that is aware of the fact that today the most important thing in the world is the information. Modern times brought us credit cards, and nobody takes cash anymore. What does that mean? This means that you are safer on the street then on the internet. You do everything online, eventually, you pay online. Nowadays, you should be afraid of hackers not of pickpockets. Therefore, our merchant service decided to build a strong security network to protect you and your information with every transaction, literally every single one of them.  With our protection, you can run your business online without any obstacle.

What are your options?

This EMS payment system offers you usually three options. We know how difficult is to apply one system to all kinds of business. To make your life easier, we created three major groups: credit card machine, Payment gateway, and Virtual Merchant. We are aware that depending on your needs you are going to decide. We are also aware how many people these days use their cell phones to run their business. 60% of their transactions are of the mobile application. For that reason, we created our Payment Gateway to make your business more efficient and faster. Investing in EMS payments could be the best possible solution for you especially if you are always in motion. This application can save a lot of your time and clients.

24-hour approval

We are proud to inform you that your account will be approved in less than 24 hours. No matter when did you apply, we will approve it within 24 hours from the moment of your application. We can proudly say that about 97% of signed accounts have been approved. EMS payment is the most accurate and the most efficient merchant service that you will ever encounter on the internet market. There is no better associate than EMS merchant service when it comes to online business. An EMS payment is a dependable and trustworthy partner with the strongest security protection. Every customer is important to us; it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you have already developed your business. We treat all our customers equally, and we like to build a relationship with all of them separately. Customer dedication is our strongest quality.