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4 things you need to know about Arizona Medical Marijuana

Marijuana in Arizona is illegal for recreational use, but it can be legally used for medical purposes. The Medical Marijuana Act in Arizona (AMMA) passed in 2010, and it legalized medical marijuana. So for you to use it, you must be a qualifying patient, and he/she needs to be registered with the ADHS (Arizona Department of Health Services), and you must possess medical marijuana card (registry identification card) issued by a licensed marijuana doctor. But in 2016 the Proposition 205 to legalize marijuana for people above 21 for recreational use was rejected.


If you have a medical marijuana card that is issued by licensed marijuana doctor from Arizona, you can possess medical marijuana up to 2.5 ounces on every 14 days, and you can grow no more than twelve plants. If you do not have a medical marijuana ID card, it is illegal for you to possess or uses marijuana. The Possession charges can be very much severe. For less than two pounds that you have for personal use, it is a Class 6 felony. That is the least serious charge you can get regarding marijuana, and it can get you in jail for two months to two years. All the other chargers are much harsher. It is illegal to buy, possess, use and grow medical marijuana if you do not have ID card, and it is always illegal to sell marijuana to a person.


You can use medical marijuana in your home or other private residency, but if you consume it anywhere else, it is illegal. You cannot use it at a dispensary either because they could lose their license and you could end up in jail. You cannot use it in a car, public place, nor at a workplace. Qualifying patients can consume marijuana in edible form in public places.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana

If the Arizona Department of Health Services approved to cultivate, you could grow your pot. You can also obtain medical marijuana in dispensaries. But for both, you need medical marijuana ID card. On the Arizona Department of Health Services website there is a list of all the state-licensed dispensaries which can help you how to identify which one is closest to you. You can grow pot only if there is no any dispensary in a circle of 25 miles around your house, and then you can grow maximum of twelve plants. Regarding all the questions you can have about the medical marijuana scottsdale can be a great place for you to get all the help and information you need.

Out-of-State ID Card Reciprocity

If you have a valid medical marijuana card from another country and you are visiting Arizona, you are allowed to possess and use medical marijuana in Arizona. But you cannot buy medical marijuana at dispensary because there are statutory limitations. Also, it doesn’t matter what laws are in your state, in Arizona you cannot use and posses more than 2.5 ounces.