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Ways to find out if someone is married

In an ideal world, when it comes to emotional relationships, you would expect two people involved to be completely honest with each other. Especially regarding significant aspects of their lives and personalities, including their past lives prior a given relationship. In reality, people are being dishonest about huge things, including their actual marital status, due to myriad of various reasons. Finding out if someone you are entering the relationship with is married is essential and it would be best if you could simply ask and trust the given answer. Since lies are way too frequent and the topic way too important, you need other strategies on how to find out if someone’s married. Aside from protecting yourself from painful disappointments and emotional stress, acquiring this information might save you from financial frauds and various legislative complications. Here are some of the most effective methods for finding out if someone is currently married.

Marriage certificate as the surest proof

Finding a valid marriage certificate is the surest way to proof if someone is married. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest proof to find. Namely, to locate the valid marriage certificate, you need to possess a wide range of information, but to get permission to access it you will need a valid reason for that. Find out the full premarital name of a given person, exact area where the marriage was registered and at least approximate period when marriage was formed. This information will help you locate the marriage certificate. Once you locate it, you’ll need to submit a valid reason to get access certificate, since it is usually restricted to people not-related to marriage parts. If there is a legal issue you are dealing with that requires this certificate, such as child custody process, execution of a will or anything similar, relevant office should grant you permission to access, after paying the required fee.


Marriage leaves traces

The wedding is a big deal that usually involves at least several people and it leaves traces even outside the legislative system. Nowadays, you can take advantage of social media and the person’s public profile that are often a fruitful source of various data. Therefore, look for any secret profiles other than official one, use Google’s function for searching identical photos at various website, spot the commonly repeated names or simply ask for information among associates and friends of a person. You can also check for registrations at various wedding gifts webpages. Finally, you can always hire a private investigator to conduct all of these activities on behalf of you or to extend the investigation into various spheres of private life.


Turn to UStrace and SSN search

This platform has been proved as extremely effective and convenient methods of investigation of most diverse things and people’s activities. They use social security numbers to trace activities of millions of people, including the base of marriage certificates and other public records that could be the source of marital status data. With quite symbolic fees and relatively short time span, this platform will provide you with reliable information about the person you are investigating.