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How to recognize the fake jewelry?

In the past, we have seen a fair share of men standing on a street corner selling glittering jewelry and watches inside their coasts. But, those days are history now because a lot of fake stuff has become a standard thing nowadays. It has become very challenging to determine an origin of some item, especially if you are purchasing it from online. Only if you are ordering from an official website, you can be sure that you are getting the real deal. But, what happens if you can’t order from the retailer’s website and you buy from a designer second hand shop? There is an old saying “buy cheap, buy twice,” so let us help you avoid this.

Look for marks

fake-stone-gem-stonesFirst of all, you will want to see if there are any markings on the jewelry you are buying. This is a significant test because many metals can look the same to the untrained eye. In most cases, metals have these signs which indicated the type of metal and purity. For example, silver has a mark .925, gold has letter k, which means karat and 10k gold might have .417 mark, 15k gold, .585 mark and 18k gold, .750 mark. Platinum can also be marked with “plat,” and some manufacturers like Tiffany have their marking system.

Check for wear

The fake jewelry often oxidizes, so depending on pieces you are wearing, for example, necklaces or rings, if you notice some discoloration on your neck, then you are wearing the fake jewelry. Also, if your leaves green marks on your finger, it is likely that the metal isn’t the real gold or silver. When phony jewelry is mixed with your skin and natural oils that are coming through, it tends to change to color.

Magnet test

You can use a magnet to test the gold. For this, you will need a strong magnet to see if gold is pure. Real gold won’t stick to a magnet, on the other hand, if an item is gold-plated, it means there is a metal underneath, which will make the magnet stick to the gold. However, this test isn’t always reliable because we have a lot of materials that aren’t magnetic. In this case, you can try another method. You should use the unglazed ceramic plate and drag the jewelry across it. If it leaves the black marks, then the jewelry is fake, but if it leaves the gold marks, then it’s real.

Check the pearls

A lot of people love wearing the pearls, but the vast majority of them are fake. If you want to test whether your pearls are genuine, then you can use this simple test. Pick up your beads and rub them against your teeth, if they are smooth, it means they are fake, but if they are scratchy, then the pearls are genuine. There is also another trick, heat the needles and stick it in your pearl, if it melts, then it just a regular plastic and therefore fake.

Custom jewelry – how it works

Work that goes into the creation of a single piece of custom jewelry is immense, and client input is essential throughout the process. We, as jewelers, can’t just create an ornament and expect you to purchase it. Well, we can, but custom pieces can be expensive, and almost every client wants to be a part of the process. If you contact us, then you will be an essential part of the process, and that will ensure that your custom ornament is the same as you imagined it.

Now, here is a whole process of design and creation of custom jewelry, from your idea to the finished product.

custom made rings

The process starts with you

The idea in your head is the starting point of the whole process. You shouldn’t think about 3D design at the outset. The first thing you should do is to think about the type of the ornament as well as the general shape. Take a pen and a piece of paper and start drawing rough sketches of the item. Those sketches don’t have to be precise as they are only there for you to see how an article might turn out.

The next step is to consider fine details of the item. This includes everything from choosing materials and gemstones to the style of the jewelry. This also includes checking whether there are elements of the piece that would make it uncomfortable to wear.

The final step of this part of the process is to approach us with the rough sketch. We will review it and make a list of possible mistakes and how to correct them. This is a part where we will discuss details of the item and whether it is possible to make it. We will start with our work once we agree that the item looks as it should.

3D design and printing of the ornament

This is a moment where our 3D designers start with their portion of work. They will take the final sketch with measures and the list of materials and create a 3D model of the piece we agreed on. We will contact you to check whether there is any need to change aspects of the 3D piece. This is a significant step as the ornament will look the same as a 3D model our designers make.

We will print a 3D model of the design in resin to check whether there are any inconsistencies with your request. We can set up a video call for you to review it or send you it via email. You will have to send it back once you check it.

You will get the estimate of the total price before the work starts. The work on the custom made jewelry you helped design will then start.


The creation of custom jewelry isn’t simple

The whole process of manufacturing of the custom jewelry isn’t simple as you can see from this article. It will take a long time and a lot of resources to create one. But at the end, you will get an item you designed, and that is the point of custom ornaments.



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Which one is for me?

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The main rule – know what you wear

The mistakes our buyers make mostly are when buying these pieces as gifts or when they buy them for themselves. It is very important to know what you want and what you like. Jewelry is a thing of prestige and you have to know what you want as well as what you wear. Otherwise, people will laugh because you don’t know anything about the pieces of jewelry you wear and no one will respect you. If you are not sure, it is advised to ask professionals to explain you everything you want to know.