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How to increase your online sales?

If you are running an online business, then your goals should be increasing the profit and more significant number of customers. Nowadays, it is hard to be competitive on the market, considering how many businesses there are online. While there are some drastic changes in the global market, a lot of business owners are trying to keep the balance. Even if they want to implement some new technique, they often apply it slowly and keep it testing for some time. So, if you’re going to boost up your sales, then we have a couple of recommendations for you.

Start with measurable goals

online salesBefore you start applying some rules, make sure you have measurable goals. If you don’t have a single focus, then it’s challenging to achieve the results. In this case, you can’t improve something that you can’t measure. So, you should start with the specific goals and track your web analytics.

Increase the number of customers

This is what most businesses are trying to achieve, and there is only one way to accomplish this, and that’s being remarkable and driving relevant traffic to your website. You need to boost conversion, by using referral programs. This is one of the most expensive ways of increasing sales. If you want to achieve success and bring more people to your website, then you have to provide a high – quality service and products.

Increase orders

Once you get people to buy your products, you can always ask them to buy more things. The hardest thing is to get customers buy your services. First of all, they need to trust you and believe in the value they are getting. But, for this part, you need to convince them to trust your brand. If they reach the step and make a decision to give you money, then they are also offering you their trust. So, at that moment, you will be able to sell them almost anything.

Offer an upgrade

You should always remind your customers that for a little bit of money, they can buy a better product. In most cases, people don’t need fancier products, but just in case they want to buy it and this situation will help you earn more money and improve your online sale. You need to be careful when offering this type of products because you shouldn’t make a big gap between prices. Offer something that will go with the initial product for a special price. This can be a great way to boost your average size order.

Follow your leads

In this case, your leads are the customers who have experienced your services, and they will provide you insight information. Compared to typical website visitors, the customers have given you’re their name or contact information, as well as permission to send the additional promotions and news. So if you want to improve your profit, or visibility of your website, then follow the people who are your regular clients. They will tell you what needs to be improved or changed.

Custom jewelry – how it works

Work that goes into the creation of a single piece of custom jewelry is immense, and client input is essential throughout the process. We, as jewelers, can’t just create an ornament and expect you to purchase it. Well, we can, but custom pieces can be expensive, and almost every client wants to be a part of the process. If you contact us, then you will be an essential part of the process, and that will ensure that your custom ornament is the same as you imagined it.

Now, here is a whole process of design and creation of custom jewelry, from your idea to the finished product.

custom made rings

The process starts with you

The idea in your head is the starting point of the whole process. You shouldn’t think about 3D design at the outset. The first thing you should do is to think about the type of the ornament as well as the general shape. Take a pen and a piece of paper and start drawing rough sketches of the item. Those sketches don’t have to be precise as they are only there for you to see how an article might turn out.

The next step is to consider fine details of the item. This includes everything from choosing materials and gemstones to the style of the jewelry. This also includes checking whether there are elements of the piece that would make it uncomfortable to wear.

The final step of this part of the process is to approach us with the rough sketch. We will review it and make a list of possible mistakes and how to correct them. This is a part where we will discuss details of the item and whether it is possible to make it. We will start with our work once we agree that the item looks as it should.

3D design and printing of the ornament

This is a moment where our 3D designers start with their portion of work. They will take the final sketch with measures and the list of materials and create a 3D model of the piece we agreed on. We will contact you to check whether there is any need to change aspects of the 3D piece. This is a significant step as the ornament will look the same as a 3D model our designers make.

We will print a 3D model of the design in resin to check whether there are any inconsistencies with your request. We can set up a video call for you to review it or send you it via email. You will have to send it back once you check it.

You will get the estimate of the total price before the work starts. The work on the custom made jewelry you helped design will then start.


The creation of custom jewelry isn’t simple

The whole process of manufacturing of the custom jewelry isn’t simple as you can see from this article. It will take a long time and a lot of resources to create one. But at the end, you will get an item you designed, and that is the point of custom ornaments.



What Is The Real Worth Of Oil?

We all are very well aware that oil is one of the most precious things in the world. Countries that are rich in oil have greater commodities than other countries, and being that oil is very much necessary for numerous reasons, they also manage to hold their economies in high esteem. But what is the real worth of oil, despite the current price? Will oil go out of use and how soon? When will we see the changes in the world economy? Find out all about it here.

The Worth Of Oil

The primary worth of oil lies in the fact that it is used in order to make numerous machines work. It is also used for heating and many countries import oil even though only a few export it. Countries which are rich with oil, such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and Norway, seem to be doing quite well based merely on the fact that they have plenty of oil.


This is their greatest asset that makes their countries economically successful and thriving. That is not to say that these countries are not well aware that trends might be changing soon, and that oil could go out of fashion. Which is why they also dedicate their valuable resources to finding alternative ways for making a solid economy.

When Will Oil Become A Thing Of The Past?

No one can answer this question with utmost precision, but it is expected that this very valuable resource is replaced with alternative means of energy sometime in the future. In addition to that, it is also expected that oil becomes replaced with energy which can be recycled, renewed and used over and over again.

oil mud

Which is, as you probably know, not the case with oil. The reserves of oil are finite and we as humanity must use this time to find the resources of energy which will replace oil in case it disappears sometime in the future.

When Will We See Changes In The World Economy?

In addition to that, the changes in the price of oil and the reserves of oil will also impact the world economy and probably be the main reason for the shift in economic power in the world.

This is why even the countries with oil are eager to develop other resources as well.


Oil Economy – How The Shift In Technology Will Change The Importance Of Oil

This is quite easy to notice that the world is changing constantly. If it were different it would be good for any of us. Constant change means constant improvement. Today we will talk about one of the hottest subject in economy and that is the shift that awaits us regarding oil and technology.

What Does Oil Do For Us?

At the moment oil is very precious because it’s a resource of energy. However, not many countries are blessed with having this valuable resource. Namely only few of the countries in the world have lost quantities of oil which they can exploit and sell.

Oil Pumps feat

As for the rest of the world, they are dependent on oil because all the cars that we use and heating systems require oil in order to be able to properly work. However, it is safe to say and expect a shift in the future that will happen once everything we know changes.

How Will Our Lives Change?

As we sit here and use certain systems of technology used for heating or transportation or whatever, we are still unaware that the future is here. Scientists are developing different systems that will be used 10 or 20 years from now. Renewable sources of energy are definitely one of the main things that all the scientists in the world are trying to develop so that the world wouldn’t rest on just oil.

This means that at the same time energy will be easier to obtain, but where does that leave oil?

Oil Cannot Be Renewed

Hopefully, scientists and researchers will find a way for the whole planet skews renewable sources of energy with the same quality that is now gained from energy resources such as oil. Unfortunately, oil is an energetic resource which cannot be renewed.


In other words there are only limited quantities of oil in the world that people can use and once we use up all the resources that are available we will end up with no resources at all. In addition to that, as the resources diminish it is safe to expect that the price of oil will rise unless we do something about it. The best way to prevent this catastrophe from happening in the future is to develop systems that will run on renewable sources of energy.

Is Austria Working With Iran In The Energy Department?

It definitely seems so, as the Austrian energy company OMV plans to join forces with Iranian energy sector in order to boost development in oil field. The contract between two countries seem to predict a five-year old collaboration in the field of energy and oil.

State Visit Concerning Energy

It has been recently reported by the official Islamic Republic News Agency that Sorena Sattari was visiting Vienna. In her role of a vice president for science and technology for Iran. During this state visit, bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy and oil was discussed.


And agreements were signed by both Austria and Iran. It was also confirmed by the Iranian vice president’s advisor that this visit was just a part of a five-year plan. Which is supposed to stimulate bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

How Much Energy Can Iran Actually Produce?

When it comes to Iran’s ability to produce more oil, it is definitely something which is expected. Being that Iran is allowed to produce more oil than other counties which are also members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Also, Iran is one of Islamic countries which is predicted to only grow in the future and improve its economy.

Designierter Bundespräsident Van der Bellen bei Bundeskanzler Kern

The Iran’s potential to produce energy and oil, is definitely what attracts European countries and make them sign contracts like this one. To ensure collaboration and availability of energy resources in the future as well.

What Is The Deal With OMV?

OMV a company from Austria. Europe is just one of European companies to rely on Iranian Energy. Also, back in January OMV has signed new arrangements with Dana Energy Co. A company from Iran which is renowned for exploration and development.

Also, around that same time OMV was added on a list of oil and gas companies from abroad that can take part in tenders and production in the future. The list of companies with this status includes 29 foreign companies. Including French company Total which has signed agreements with the Iranian energy sector last year. More European companies are yet about to recognize the full potential of Iran and surrounding countries.

How The Price Of Oil Affects The World Economy

We all know that oil is an important asset, which is really valuable. But, how can the price of this fuel affect the economy of entire countries and in what way? Let’s explain the way in which the price of oil has managed to affect the world economy in the past and the ways in which it could affect the world economy in the future.

How The Oil Affects The World?

Global economy is very much influenced by the price of oil and it is understandable that fluctuations in the oil market will also reflect on the economy of the world. As the prices of oil have been low since 2014, it is expected that we will see global benefits of this current trend. The prices of oil have been reducing gradually after they have abruptly skyrocketed after the crash of the banks which happened in 2008.

Oil barge

We can hope that the progressive growth will slowly show across the entire world, and thus affect the world economy as a whole. The more worrying all oil prices is expected to keep the world economy in balance and make sure that any sharp changes in oil prices are just sporadic.

Why Do Oil Prices Fluctuate?

The reason why the price of oil frequently fluctuates is the global supply and demand of oil. In other words, the world price is directly affected by the global growth or global decrease of growth. As the demand for oil increases so does the supply. Because at the moment we still have sufficient supplies of oil which we use as the source of energy. However, it is also advisable that people work on alternative sources of energy and create renewable sources of energy which will be available to everyone. With renewable sources of energy we will not have to rely so much on oil, and it will have such a significant impact on the world and global economy.


At the time being low oil prices are at our disposal but all this can get a lot more complicated due to unexpected episodes which might happen such as shortage of oil or other world crisis. It is dangerous to put such strong emphasis on oil because any negative feedback can make devastating effect on the entire global community and create serious financial problems on a global level.

How Is AI Going To Influence The Economy In The Future?

As we all know, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are slowly but surely taking over vast fields of the economy in many countries. The modern technology is a constant growing curve, and nobody can stop this trend. However, instead of stopping it, we should be more focused on controlling it. This situation may sound like a scene from a sci-fi movie, but we could end up jobless and homeless because many companies substitute humans with machines.


Mark Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce said –

“Technology’s always taken jobs out of the system, and what you hope is that technology’s going to put those jobs back in, too. That’s what we call productivity. I think a lot of people don’t understand how deep AI already is in so many things.”

Although the scenario with the AI taking over the world is highly unlikely, it raises some concerns.

The concerns

The benefits of automated production are pretty obvious. Robots are much more productive than humans will ever be. Also, robots don’t require a vacation, sick leave, or bonuses. Furthermore, they don’t organize unions, a complaint about the pay or the minimal wage.

AI robot

As we can see, robots are a much better solution for any large company in comparison to the raw workforce. As far as the economic fear goes, it’s simple. Once your company hires a robot in your position, you won’t be a necessity for the company, and you’ll get fired.

Mr. Mark Benioff said –

“What you hope is that the technology doesn’t outpace the system so that it starts to strip the jobs away, and that’s the fear of artificial intelligence.”

He also addressed the struggle between the modern technology and its contribution to the economy. In his opinion, the most important thing is how are we going to control it.

YourStory-OpenAI (1)

He said,

“Now the question is, with all of this new technology, how do we get growth? But that growth has to be balanced against the trust, because when you have all this new technology, I think that the big question that’s getting asked here is can we trust it?”

Would you trust it?

Smartphone Market Worth $355 Billion, With 6 Billion Devices In Circulation By 2020

You most likely cannot imagine your day without a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. It’s just the way things work nowadays. If someone told you fifteen years ago that you’re going to carry a device in your pocket with a million different functions, you’d call them insane. Whether you like it or not, smartphones play an important part in our lives already, and that trend definitely won’t die off in the next couple of decades.

Smart phones-1200-80

The global amount of smartphones is set to grow by 50% in the next four years. If you put this piece of information into perspective, over six million devices will be present on the market by 2020 totaling over $335 billion in revenues. Furthermore, tablets and smartphones make more than 60% of connected smart devices. Bear in mind; they made around 17% back in 2008. Therefore, for less than nine years, smartphones and tablets found their way into the consumer’s hands quickly and noted an incline of 43%, which is impressive, to say the least.

lenovo-smartphone-vibe-b-front-backIan Fogg, a director at IHS Technology, said –

“Mobile devices and services are now the hubs for people’s entertainment and business lives, as well as for communication. The smartphone has replaced the PC as the most important smart connected device.”

The leaders on the market are Apple and Samsung which already announced innovations and a revolution in smart technology.

Spending money on micro transactions

One of the main sources of revenue is a phenomenon called micro transactions. For instance, one research showed that the expected consumer spending on apps is over $74 billion by 2020. In 2016, the global consumer spending was $54 billion.

IHS Markit said –

“There are many opportunities for new apps, mobile payments, and mobile money services. Asia, notably, will continue to play the number one role in the global apps market – accounting for more than 50 percent of consumers spending.”

Germany Gadget Show Samsung

Experts think that payments and messaging are going to be the two major services in focus by 2020. The number of devices from which payments are possible is around 2.7 billion now, and it’s expected to be more than 5 billion by 2020.

Instead of fighting the technology, consider mastering the new ways of doing business. You might find it handy.