Is Austria Working With Iran In The Energy Department?

It definitely seems so, as the Austrian energy company OMV plans to join forces with Iranian energy sector in order to boost development in oil field. The contract between two countries seem to predict a five-year old collaboration in the field of energy and oil.

State Visit Concerning Energy

It has been recently reported by the official Islamic Republic News Agency that Sorena Sattari was visiting Vienna. In her role of a vice president for science and technology for Iran. During this state visit, bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy and oil was discussed.


And agreements were signed by both Austria and Iran. It was also confirmed by the Iranian vice president’s advisor that this visit was just a part of a five-year plan. Which is supposed to stimulate bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

How Much Energy Can Iran Actually Produce?

When it comes to Iran’s ability to produce more oil, it is definitely something which is expected. Being that Iran is allowed to produce more oil than other counties which are also members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Also, Iran is one of Islamic countries which is predicted to only grow in the future and improve its economy.

Designierter Bundespräsident Van der Bellen bei Bundeskanzler Kern

The Iran’s potential to produce energy and oil, is definitely what attracts European countries and make them sign contracts like this one. To ensure collaboration and availability of energy resources in the future as well.

What Is The Deal With OMV?

OMV a company from Austria. Europe is just one of European companies to rely on Iranian Energy. Also, back in January OMV has signed new arrangements with Dana Energy Co. A company from Iran which is renowned for exploration and development.

Also, around that same time OMV was added on a list of oil and gas companies from abroad that can take part in tenders and production in the future. The list of companies with this status includes 29 foreign companies. Including French company Total which has signed agreements with the Iranian energy sector last year. More European companies are yet about to recognize the full potential of Iran and surrounding countries.

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