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St Tropez spray tan – A formula that tramples the competition

If you want to get a beautiful tan quickly and you also want to avoid exposing your skin to the sun rays, the best solution for you is applying a spray tanning oil or a spray tanning mist. How many times have you heard different stories about bad spray tanning results, orange skin all over your body, stripes and dark marks? People use a lot of unreliable products which can cause many effects and consequences. But you don’t have to worry anymore because it is time for you to meet the most advanced sunless tanning formula of all time – St Tropez tanning collection. It sounds fantastic, and the results are even better.

Why should you use St Tropez formula?

You are probably wondering why this is the best solution for you, is that right? Well, this is the most revolutionary sunless tanning formula yet which lets you decide how dark you want your skin to be while you are still in the shower. Nobody has to know your secret to a flawless tan.

This formula contains some ingredients which will be absorbed into your skin very quickly, thus letting you pick the color you want to be applied to your skin. If you want a light tan and skin glow, you only need to shower after one hour. And if you want a darker color, a medium bronze tan, you will just have to leave the formula on for about two hours. And of course, for a beautiful dark and deep tan, let it be on your skin for three hours.

Of course, it is important to take care of your skin after the treatment, and you are probably wondering what your skin is going to be like after applying this formula on. After you are done with showering and taking off the formula, your skin is going to be silky, smooth and flawless. You will have a beautiful tan and an amazing color depending on how long you have chosen it to stay on your skin, and the ingredients will continue deepening into the skin.

What else do you need to know about it?

St Tropez spray tan is a formula which contains agents for conditioning your skin, DHA which is gotten naturally and melanin. Of course, the fragrance is beautiful too, and this product is going to win your heart forever. It is recommended for you to use it around twenty times all over your body and your tan will be lasting from five to seven days.

Don’t forget to be careful when you are using this product. Even though there should be no problems and side effects, you still need to do a little test before applying it to your body. If your skin is easily irritated, sensitive or somehow broken, do not use this product. Try to avoid contact with your eyes and lips, and if the product gets in your eyes, simply wash them with water or wipes and stop using the product. Now prepare your skin and get ready to experience the most amazing tanning formula ever!